HR and R&D

We posses 65520 spindles in all three units, where we can produce desired quality yarn in variety of fibres.

Human Resource

In our administrative block, we have a separate wing for human resource department where we have excellent experienced managers and staff to take care of our entire work force. Keeping in track of all the labourers record, right from when they started to work in our units, to take care of recruiting new workers, to assist in their routine work.

New joiners will be well trained before they are going on to the production work. All staff assembles to have a weekly meeting by Monday to update production detail and program it for the upcoming production works.


The testing equipments(UT5, HVI) used to research the quality of yarn comparing it with USTER Statistics


We have a good power back in our factory with gensets to operate all our three units under power failure circumstances. So that haste free production is carried on, round the clock.

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